Here it is, Blue Skies & Sunny Days, a collection of loose & breezy songs that will hopefully make you and your kiddos feel good, even on your cloudy days. And I'm so thrilled that one of my artist heroes, Lisa Congdon, did the album artwork for it. Available Now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, & all streaming sites!

 We are so excited and honored to be playing two shows at Lincoln Center! If you are in the NYC area please come sing with us! xoxoxo f

We are so excited and honored to be playing two shows at Lincoln Center! If you are in the NYC area please come sing with us! xoxoxo f


Hey Friends, I wrote this song after a day of feeling so upset by what's happening in our country. I was also thinking about how children across the country are processing the news right now because I know so many of them are seeing and hearing it. With my own kids, I've struggled to find words to explain how such hatred, racism, bigotry and violence can live and grow inside another human being (who was also once an innocent child). "Beacons of Light" is a response and if you have a child, I hope maybe you'll play it for them. 100% of downloads for this song will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Huge thanks to Dean Jones for collaborating with me on this one. Sending love and light to you all!

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Explorer of the World won a Gold Award from Parents' Choice!

Frances England’s unique heart-infused lyrics and truly inventive music add up to one gorgeous keeper of an album, as well as an irresistible invitation to unplug and explore a world of adventure as close as a kid’s backyard”

Here's a fun lyric video to follow along with for "City Don't Sleep."    Check out a bunch more on the video page!

Sirius XM Show Airs April 1, 2, and 3rd!  Hope you can tune in - times listed above.

Frances' new album - EXPLORER OF THE WORLD - is coming out April 1 but you can pre-order it now right here!

Produced by Dean Jones + Dave Winer, Explorer of the World is a shimmering sonic journey through the everyday and a reminder of all the unexpected adventures that can happen when you keep your head up and let your own curiosity lead the way. 

“It really feels as though Frances England has captured the world in one musical place. It is laid back with a sense of urgency. It is funk horns chilled out to an indie groove. It is both the beginning and end of an adventure. It is the noise of a foreign city, and it is the grass of your backyard. And it all works together.”
— Review from Tenor Dad

New Spring Shows Announced in PacificNorthwest!                 Please send your Seattle + Portland friends our way.

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